Letters to the editor

Jessops relaunch

[Re: Dragon’s den star relaunches Jessops stores, Friday]
The strongest retail offering is to have phenomenal in-store people, a product that consumers can touch and feel, and prices to match the best of the web. Cameras are a case in point. I went to Jessops many times, but never bought there. Firstly, the assistants looked at me with glazed unresponsive eyes when I asked about F-stops or comparisons of digital performance versus Fuji Velvia. Secondly, the prices were absurdly high. Give me good prices, access to the right goods, work with me to identify what it is I need, and I’ll shop with Jessops. I’d much rather work with people than a screen.

Matthew Browning


Capital controls

[Re: Capital controls are still ruining Iceland after half a decade, Friday]
Capital controls also mean that de-facto Cyprus has already been expelled from the Eurozone. A euro in Cyprus is no longer equal to a euro elsewhere.

Jerome Healy

Regardless of the merits of this article, what was the alternative of capital controls in Cyprus? Sure, they’re bad for investment, for human rights, and for freedom within the EU. But the bailout deal messed up the country’s financial system so much that, without controls in place, money would have fled immediately. There is now, at least, some time to fix things.

Richard Morgan



Welfare reform is popular, especially among low paid. And nearly 1m have come off incapacity benefit since the coalition started.

If David Cameron does nothing more than reform welfare, the coalition’s legacy will be remembered fondly.

The amount we’ll spend on social protection this year is greater than all income tax, council tax, and business rates combined.

I suspect it irritates Kim Jong Un that the US considers terrorism and cyber attacks as bigger threats than North Korea.