Letters to the editor for 5 June 2013

Shale revolution

[Re: Britain would be mad not to exploit our huge shale reserves, yesterday]

You would think shale exploitation was a no-brainer. It would make us more energy independent, reducing reliance on difficult foreign suppliers like Russia. It would create an entire new industry, with new well-paying jobs in areas of the country that particularly need them (the north of England). It would make excellent use of our existing technology, science, risk management and engineering skills – there is no reason why we can’t thrive just like the US. And it would go some of the way towards rebalancing the economy away from reliance on London and its prospects. What’s not to like about shale?

John Smith


Political failures

[Re: Ed Balls insults the public with a fiscal strategy straight from Wizard of Oz, yesterday]

You could have changed the names and run exactly the same article about the Tories’ economic plan a few years before the last general election. When it comes to the economy, the NHS and other issues, the whole political class blames the weather, bank holidays, immigration, EU membership – nothing to do with them. An article was run in another paper on how Germany is inviting Britons to be trained and hopefully stay (driven by a skills shortage) – an economic success story regardless of the weather. It’s a stark contrast compared to our leaders’ determination to blame others.

Alan Fuller



Long term, the Left is stuffed. Libertarian is becoming the new normal, as the political centre of gravity shifts.

RBS split should’ve happened four years ago. Now it would be more disruptive than letting it finish remaining deleveraging itself.

OECD: UK will have strongest growth in G7 between 2018 and 2030 (when it will eventually overtake France and Germany).

The Queen has marked 60 years since her Coronation. God save her and long may she reign.