Letters to the editor

Farage finance

[Re: Why I’m the first leader to support a looser Bank of England mandate, Wednesday]

I’m a great fan of Nigel Farage, but he needs a better economic adviser. The Bank of England cannot create economic growth any more than it can create employment. Its policies can create a framework where these can be optimised, that’s all. And the problem now is that loose monetary policy is fuelling inflation.

Tim Goldfinch

Farage is clearly just another spendaholic politician who doesn’t give two hoots about future generations, who’ll have to pay for his monetary and fiscal experiments.

Jim Richard Calder


Binge Britain

[Re: Binge Britain must be tackled, but not with minimum alcohol pricing, yesterday]

David Davis proves again that David Cameron is a fool to keep him out the Cabinet. He’s crafted a wise, liberal and honest argument for the government not interfering unnecessarily every time an issue is wipped up in the media. As he says, heavy drinking is falling – bingeing is certainly a problem, but most people who drink too much are not causing nuisance on the streets. Far better to crack down on those supplying children with alcohol, or to put more police on the streets of town centres on Friday nights. Even alcohol free zones in certain areas are a better way to target problem drinkers.

Eric Trimble



Future of the press is the most fundamental decision to be made this Parliament. State regulation of the media must be prevented.

Statutory press regulation is like saying all dogs must be muzzled, because a couple of dogs once bit children. It's grossly excessive.

HMRC will close 281 enquiry centres in 2014. Looks like the tax system is about to get even more confusing.

Morrisons has to play catch up in online shopping. Ocado is a good fit, and would leapfrog the retailer on to the scene.