Letters to the editor

Liam Fox’s plan

[Re: End universal benefits and cut tax to rebuild UK future, yesterday]

I agree with the general thrust of Liam Fox’s argument, and wish that George Osborne and David Cameron could articulate such a clear governing philosophy. But I have to disagree with the specifics around capital gains tax. All taxation should be underpinned by equality – all forms of income should be treated the same. Of course, capital gains thresholds should be adjusted to reflect inflation, but the tax should ultimately be levied at the same rate as for interest, rent, and salaries.

Mike Fitzroy

Well said Fox. This is, at last, an attempt to provide a narrative to free market economics and politics. Someone is finally explaining why seemingly harsh measures need to be taken for the good of all, rather than just following the easy, cheap shots of those who give money away with alacrity – until, of course, it runs out.

Neil Morrison

Unfortunately, more means testing of universal benefits means more form-filling and bureaucracy. By all means, scrap universal benefits. But this can be done better by, for example, incorporating them into the state pension – where they can be taxed. Equally, we should increase personal allowances to take people out of tax. This is a far less bureucratic route.

Phil Burgess



Sterling is gripped by recession fears. George Osborne in opposition would call it a sterling crisis. Likely one of confidence.

Sterling drops to two and half year lows. Is this presaging a sterling crisis or a rise in interest rates? Government is out at sea.

Why is there never enough money for unfunded tax cuts, but enough for more unfunded spending commitments.

If you thought, like me, only UK transport fails in snow, in Paris opposition MPs have condemned transport authorities for chaos.