Letters to the editor

Anti-business tax

[Re: We’re more radical than Thatcher with business tax reform, yesterday]

This government gives with one hand and takes away with the other. As a small business owner, it has done nothing for me. David Gauke and his fellow ministers may have reduced the headline rate for corporation tax, but the small business rate has remained unchanged. The top rate of income tax has not fallen to its previous level of 40p. VAT has been increased, stamp duty and capital gains taxes have both risen. Finally, Gauke’s government has kept in place the huge tax cliff for people earning just over £100,000 per year, who lose their personal allowance for no good reason.

Paul Tatlow


Don’t blame EU

[Re: Osborne should have done more to fight EU’s cap on bonuses, yesterday]

Blaming Brussels for Britain’s bad luck is just a fad. We love to shift the blame somewhere else. Having worked in several international locations, I can confidently say that it’s Britain’s own values and management style that makes it unattractive for aspiring and excellent individuals to work here. Indeed, our tax system and home-grown FSA regulation still do far more damage to UK growth prospects than anything coming out of Brussels. I don’t see how some anti-EU party can suddenly take over and change the way this country is run. Nothing less than wholesale internal surgery can reignite aspiration in Britain.

Alex Fortis



Pound is now threatening to drop below $1.50. Despite MPC hold decision, no confidence in policy support for sterling.

The percentage rise (in real terms) of government consumption spending in 2012 was higher than any year since 2004. Cuts?

John Lewis announces 17 per cent bonuses. It has a committed team, creating loyal customers, which drives profits.

Why don’t MEPs cap the pay of people who are supposed to be answerable to them – the European commissioners.