Letters to the editor - 28/06 - Spending review, Driving growth, Best of Twitter

Spending review

[Re: Cuts will have to keep on coming, yesterday]

I agree. Why are we subsidising profit-making businesses through Working Tax Credits and other “in work” benefits? There were 5.6m working age benefit claimants in November 2012, of which only 2.5m were claiming employment and support allowance and incapacity benefits.

Joe Dunn

It is misleading to describe Cabinet ministers as either winners or losers in the Spending Review. If anything, the winners are those who have managed to cut their budgets, not those who have not.

Adrian Pepper, Pepper Media


Driving growth

[Re: Is the chancellor’s bid to boost growth through capital investment projects likely to succeed? Yesterday]

The government needs new infrastructure to drive economic growth. But if it sticks to Plan A, it will be unable to fund it. The National Infrastructure Plan asked for the private sector to fund £200bn of the £310bn required. It hasn’t delivered. The investors – like infrastructure funds, pension funds, banks and big business – are looking to put money into UK infrastructure, but they urgently need greater assurance in the opportunities, and that they will secure a decent return on their investment.

Nick Prior, head of infrastructure, Deloitte



As it was of no economic significance that initial data suggested a double dip, ONS revision is irrelevant.

This shale find is providential. Cheap energy means higher productivity means economic growth.

Carney raised interest rates in Canada in 2010. He may be more prepared to raise the UK’s than many think.

US weekly unemployment continues to fall. Bad sign for those hoping QE will continue to run unabated.