Letters to the editor for 24 April 2013

Demise of the pub

[Re: Why a new quango will not save Britain’s over-taxed pubs, yesterday]

I agree with the overall assessment within this piece, but it’s more than embarassing to see MPs flailing around to understand the demise of the pub. The cause is, without a doubt, the smoking ban. Each new initiative to save the pub expressly ignores this fact. Ever since the ban was introduced, pub attendance has fallen as people choose to stay at home and drink at liberty, rather than indulge in an over-taxed pint in the regulated pub environment. The answer to the problem is simple: amend the smoking ban to let pubs allow smokers if they wish, and reduce sin taxes. Only then will politicians stop fiddling and let pubs thrive.

Charlie Acton


Business & the EU

[Re: Britain’s business elite is becoming increasingly Eurosceptic, Monday]

I don’t know why anyone would still think the EU status quo is good for Britain. We run a trade deficit with Europe, and are the second highest net contributor to the EU budget. Really, what is the advantage to the UK? It’s only ever been about a bunch of politicians playing at being cooperative with other peoples’ money.

Frank Davis

British business is at least showing itself to be less ridiculous than when we nearly joined the euro. Back then, all sorts of wild claims were bandied about, most of them predicting our demise if we failed to join.

Annie Jenkins



Now I could be missing something, so bear with me, but isn’t a “deficit reduction plan” usually a plan for reducing the deficit?

Hiking taxes, rather than cutting spending, has left us with an accumulated debt of £1.2 trillion – and rising.

Germany’s economy turning sour? It’s headed for recession, and has the third most leveraged banking system in the Eurozone.

Cyprus’s President Anastasiades complains his country has been treated as a “guinea pig” in a EU-imposed experiment.