Letters to the editor for 23 May 2013

The City for Ukip?

[Re: Don’t underrate Ukip’s potential – it threatens to overturn UK politics, yesterday]

I agree that Nigel Farage is attractive to an electorate that is fed up with the political elites – people who seem to have little experience in the real world – dictating how our businesses are regulated and run. But the City of London also perhaps should be attracted to the Ukip message. Financial services once felt that its interests were protected within the EU, but we’ve recently seen a barrage of legislation hit the industry. The financial transaction tax, the bonus cap – both were insufficiently scrutinised by European officials (both elected and non-elected). The City of London clearly needs a champion. Perhaps it could be Ukip.

Wilfred Aspinall


HS2 failures

[Re: Wake up call for the Department of Transport: Do the proper sums on HS2, yesterday]

I think everyone would welcome the Department of Transport getting its act together. But if the brief for HS2 had been to maximise connectivity and regeneration in the North, we would end up with a very different railway. It would run at 300km per hour not 400 (with more stations), and would start by connecting the major northern cities – from Liverpool to Hull. The North needs to connect internally before worrying about getting better connections with the South. This probably still wouldn’t make financial sense, but it would at least fit the precise brief a little better.

Andrew Gibbs



Latest IMF report on the UK economy concludes “activity appears to be improving”. We’re on the right course then!

Where much of the Conservative party disagree with George Osborne is that they think he should be cutting faster not slower.

Sterling is tumbling again. When there is no clear support for a currency from its central bank or government, it is always vulnerable.

The attack in Woolwich is a sickening, deluded and unforgivable act of violence. My thoughts are with the victim and his family.