Letters to the editor for 22 May 2013

Dangerous rally

[Re: City’s troubles aren’t over despite stock market’s resurgence, yesterday]

As this article points out, nothing has changed – but people are feeling better. This is a hugely dangerous combination. There’s every chance that the government has squandered its opportunity (when the country really did feel negative about its economic prospects) to push through proper supply side reform that would have allowed sustainable long-term growth. The problem is that people seem to have settled down to the belief that Britain can succeed with trend growth rates of about 1 per cent. But this is horrible and unambitious. There’s no reason why this has to be the case. With a bit of courage, we could do far better.

Anna Fulker


The rise of Ukip

[Re: Wave of scepticism across Europe is real threat to EU, Wednesday]

I doubt I’m the only one to be fed up with the increasingly disproportionate coverage given to the anti-Europe brigade. In the real world, there is scant evidence to support the claims about public support for an EU exit (even those who voted for Ukip in the local elections tended to be more exercised by other issues such as immigration). As for the disaffected minority within the Conservative ranks, let us remember that many of them have their own agendas – whether it be lack of opportunities for political advancement, or hostility towards single issues like same sex marriage. We need to see more balance on the whole issue.

Jeremy Drake



Profits down 6 per cent are not good results, they are M&S results. How much time has Marc Bolland got left?

Economy growing, deficit down, jobs up, confidence up, stocks up, inflation down. UK is recovering from Labour’s legacy.

Ukip is now only 2 per cent behind Tories in the latest poll and we’re looking to take votes from other parties too.

Instead of examining our broken tax system, the US Senate is harassing Apple – one of the greatest business successes in history.