Letters to the Editor for 22 April 2013

Thatcher’s revival

[Re: The Iron Lady’s revolution has only just begun, Thursday]
Thatcherism is not confined to the UK, and is now an unstoppable global phenomenon. Before the end of the decade, it’ll likely be relaunched on a massive scale – not in Brixton, but in Beijing, as the Chinese state is forced to cut its losses and privatise its ailing network of state-owner enterprises. They call it “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. But in all but name, it’ll be a Thatcherite programme of popular capitalism.

Wally Wright

A reasonably affluent relative recently told me how delighted he was to be 65 because his free bus and Tube pass was worth more annually than the council tax he pays on his four-bedroom semi in a leafy London suburb. That’s one big middle class subsidy. Nick Bosanquet is absolutely right that, although Thatcher made great inroads into weening many off dependence on the state, the middle classes have largely gone backwards.

Huw Sayer

You write about the devolution of power, rights and property to the people. Don’t you mean a “return” of these things? They were ours in the first place, and they’ve just been taken away by successive governments.

John Page



Ridiculous that debate is whether we should continue with austerity or slow the pace, when the deficit’s unchanged for three years.

UK has been downgraded because of being highly indebted, yet universal call from the left is that we need more spending.

A longer and fuller school day is in everyone’s interest, except activists from the National Union of Teachers.

Four per cent inflation will halve the value of your money in 16-17 years. With rock-bottom interest rates, this is a serious problem.