Letters to the editor - 19/07 - UK universities, Public sector, Best of Twitter

UK universities

[Re: Our uniform universities restrict true competition in UK higher education, Monday]

Martin Rees fails to mention private institutions. They do not draw on the public purse and often succeed in widening access where traditional universities fall short. Many who would otherwise fall through the system choose private institutions, but new restrictions mean student numbers will be limited. Why would the UK want to limit growth of any private industry that has proved its potential? What’s needed more than ever is a level playing field between private and public universities.

Alison Wheaton, chief executive, Greenwich School of Management


Public sector

[Re: Time to stop under-reacting to scandals in the public sector, Wednesday]

The author is right to point out that we seem to hold public sector employees to a lower standard of accountability than those in the private sector. We have serious investigations into road accidents, murders and civilian casualties of war. The reason for this is because they represent unnecessary losses of life. The content of the Keogh Report should be treated with a similar order of magnitude – malpractice in hospitals endangers the lives and wellbeing of the patients. There seems to be insufficient action being taken.

Rachel Chadwick



UK fiscal policy is austerity-lite. Not heavy when public spending falling by under 1 per cent per annum.

Now into fourth year of government, ministers are still failing to address finance issues for small business.

Fed taper has more to do with popping asset bubbles than increasingly less relevant economic targets.

FA Cup back on the BBC. The apex of past glory. Best years behind both.