Letters to the editor for 19 April 2013

Readers of City A.M.

Thatcher’s funeral

[Re: Rest in Peace, Lady T: You allowed Britain to stand tall once again, yesterday]

As a US citizen, I’m embarassed and appalled that my President did not see fit to send proper representation to show our nation’s respect for Lady Thatcher at her funeral. Thatcher was a great lady, and most Americans both recognise and appreciate her great contribution to history. We mourn her passing.

Dan Ensch

If we’re looking for a new Lady Thatcher for the twenty-first century, a good place to start would be to consider an education secretary, working for a modern-day Ted Heath. I’ll say no more.

R Crowley

Well said. The “there is no such thing as society” misquote has always peeved me. And we don’t have many politicians of integrity, but Justine Greening is one.

Matthew Clearty

Of course, there needed to be radical change after the 1970s. But we should consider Thatcher’s legacy in its totality. She picked and chose the vested interests she sought to fight, and didn’t defend freedom across the board. To name but two areas, she opposed gay rights, and centralised power to London to the detriment of the regions. We may need a new Lady Thatcher, but this one must extend freedom to all areas of British life – not just a few.

Sheree O’Connor



Retail sales look disappointing. But Q1 volumes (excluding motor fuel) still +1.3 per cent on a year ago.

UK retail sales up 0.4 per cent in quarter one versus quarter four suggests an economy not in recession. But it will still be a close call.

Mark Carney says central banks can only deliver conditions for growth, not growth itself. Trying to lower expectations a little.

Shares in Apple have now lost over 40 per cent of their value since September. Would you take a chance catching this falling knife?