Letters to the editor - 18/07 - Taxes and benefits, NHS accountability, Best of Twitter

Taxes and benefits

[Re: It’s nonsense to argue our tax and benefits system hits the poorest hardest, Tuesday]

Ryan Bourne is right that taxes and benefits should not be considered in isolation, but he should go further. Our system is a mess. Politicians have added numerous rules and exemptions, creating a mish-mash that does not help the poor. People on benefits can face marginal tax rates of up to 84 per cent for earning more, a tragedy for those wishing to better their position. That politicians have not done enough to simplify our system is damning.

Mark Myrie


NHS accountability

[Re: Time to stop under-reacting to scandals in the public sector, yesterday]

The author is spot on – public sector executives get away lightly compared to their private sector counterparts. Buckinghamshire NHS Trust was muted yesterday in response to the Keogh Report. It released a short statement from the trust’s chief welcoming the report, but said nothing about executive resignations or holding anyone to account for the evident failings. Without full accountability, things are unlikely to improve.

Joseph Jackson



Good news as jobs in London up 102,000 (2 per cent) in first quarter to 5.14m. Highest since the series began. But unemployment is still too high.

Andy Burnham is back to dressing up any suggestion the NHS underperformed as an attack on the NHS workforce. Ludicrous man.

High taxes don’t redistribute wealth; they redistribute people.