Letters to the editor for 18 June 2013

Online taxation

[Re: Online retailers warn against proposed tax, yesterday]

The idea of taxing online companies and transactions in the UK follows hot on the heels of calls for the same thing in the US. To tax online companies, as well as offline firms with sales online, would have a chilling effect on start ups, and introduce yet another layer of bureaucracy and red tape. It would be better to lift tax for all businesses – whether online, offline or a mixture of both. This would allow for even more businesses to start and grow and experiment with new business models in this digital age. It would be a win-win.

Dominique Lazanski


Irrelevant politics

[Re: Tories and Labour are becoming increasingly irrelevant to voters, yesterday]

This article mentions the mystery of why Labour and the Tories are becoming marginalised. Two ideas come to mind. First, much of what politicians want to offer the electorate (like more control over immigration) is prevented by EU legislation. UK politicians can’t admit how little is in their gift. Secondly, parties don’t care what the majority wants. They focus on issues of interest to 10,000 people in marginal seats. The first past the post electoral system amplifies this into crazy majorities. As in finance, algorithms dominate what happens.

Rosa Telford



What happened to Co-op Bank illustrates how much is still wrong with UK banks.

There is no British national interest in being dragged into Syria’s sectarian war.

Obama approval rate slips to 45 per cent. Scandals trumping economy. Suspect that won’t hold.

Black Sabbath back at the top of the charts after 43 years. Another indication we are reliving the ‘70s!