Letters to the editor - 17 July 2013 - Airport expansion, fuelling innovation, Best of Twitter

Airport expansion

[Re: Is Boris right that Lord Foster’s Isle of Grain hub has most potential as a new airport for London? Yesterday]

Boris Johnson’s plan for an airport on the Isle of Grain faces serious problems. The infrastructure needed to support such a large airport, for example, just doesn’t exist. Heathrow expansion is the best option and is overwhelmingly favoured by British business. Adding a third runway will give Britain a much-needed increase in aviation capacity, allow us to compete globally more effectively, and will boost a sector that is vital to the UK economy, supporting over 900,000 jobs.

Louise Ellman, MP for Liverpool Riverside


Fuelling innovation

[Re: London is now the UK’s uncontested entrepreneurial powerhouse, Monday]

This article misses one huge asset for building an enterprise culture in the UK – our universities. In London, world leaders provide a hub for innovating and spinning-out business in everything from biotechnology to apps. Last year, they supported 1,400 active spin-outs and startups in the capital alone. Despite these successes, London’s universities remain underutilised for economic benefit. It’s time for universities and businesses in London to recognise their strengths and work more closely together to fuel innovation and prosperity.

Professor Stephen Caddick, UCL



Any organisation treated as beyond criticism will become self-serving. Why should the NHS be different?

How much longer can Andy Burnham ignore claims that warnings on hospital death rates were ignored?

Inflation presents a contractionary danger for the UK economy again.

Economically illiterate decision by President Hollande to ban shale exploration. France’s loss will be our gain.