Letters to the editor for 17 April 2013

One Direction

[Re: In defence of One Direction: Why high earnings are no reflection of morality, yesterday]

Sam Bowman is persuasive. As he says, the fact that many people get a little enjoyment (for a small price) explains why some entertainers are able to earn far more than their peers. There’s a deep vein of snobbery that runs through these discussions. When Abba or One Direction makes a lot of cash, people wring their hands about the debasement of society. But there’s nothing wrong with marketable and saleable music. There is a bigger issue with the fact the taxpayer has to subsidy so-called elite art and culture because it’s not commercially viable.

Frank Pitchford


Thatcher’s heir

[Re: Boston marathon attacks are a despicable act of terrorism, yesterday]

Of course Margaret Thatcher would beat them all. Our current leaders have no conviction, with very little clear political identity, and cleave to popular opinion on whatever subject is top of the news cycle.

Marion Campbell

Boris is Thatcher’s heir. He’s optimistic, he doesn’t care about his background (or anyone else’s), he’s managed to win over millions of votes in a traditionally Labour city, and he’s happy to support extremely unpopular causes (like opposition to controls over bankers’ pay). But does he have her courage? It remains to be seen.

A Cartwright



“We will find them, and we will bring them to justice.” President Obama on the cowardly attacks in Boston.

Boston runners, many of whom were raising money for less fortunate, continued their runs to the hospital to give blood. Heroes.

Services inflation 4 per cent and goods price inflation 2 per cent and rising. Welcome to inflationary Britain Mark Carney.

The IMF wants the UK to slow its “austerity” from not cutting the deficit (£120bn for three years in a row) to what? Not bothering?