Letters to the editor - 16/07 - Business lifespans, Higher education, Best of Twitter

Business lifespans

[Re: Shrinking company lifespans signify the start of the magnesium economy, yesterday]

Shorter company lifespans may be inevitable, but I would prefer that businesses were built like Virgin – capable of spinning out a number of new companies under an umbrella brand, rather than launching a series of separate companies with shorter lifespans. If you look at the movie studio model, the studio launches new films under a Special Purpose Vehicle, so they can take risks without bankrupting the studio. I think a lot of larger businesses will find themselves moving towards this type of model.

David Gildeh


Higher education

[Re: Our uniform universities restrict true competition in UK higher education, yesterday]

The most important issue, however, is for these institutions to cultivate a passion for learning, which is still lacking in the UK.

James MacLachlan

My daughter is about to enter Cambridge. She applied to schools in the US, but they would have cost three to four times as much – in spite of scholarships offered. Given the quality and price, even with the higher new tuition fees, Britain is clearly doing something right.

Robert Crawford



A second runway at Gatwick & Heathwick will not provide the hub answer. It needs to be rejected.

How can we say we want to transfer power back from Brussels when yesterday we transferred 30 to Brussels?

UK unemployment correlates with the introduction of minimum wage. Would get worse with “living wage”.

UK equities higher on poor retail data. Manufacturing index trumps poor sentiment.