Letters to the editor for 16 May 2013

EU referendum

[Re: Cameron needs to lead on the EU to open Labour splits, yesterday]

Turning the question of an EU referendum into a party political game is exactly why more and more people have had enough of all three major parties. This row over Europe is just more water to Ukip’s mill. For us voters, this is not a game of who remains in power or who will win a Parliamentary vote. It affects our lives – Europe influences everything from rubbish collection to council tax. It’s strange that, even after May’s local elections, the party leaders still don’t get it.

David Evans

Andrew Lilico is right. MPs are split on the EU. That’s why a referendum is the answer.

Michelle Brewster


Independent Scots

[Re: An independent Scotland could be a testing ground for monetary theory, yesterday]

Paul Ormerod’s caricacture of the SNP’s policies gets about everything wrong. An independent Scotland would receive its geographical share of North Sea oil and gas, public spending per capita is higher in Northern Ireland, and the EU will not offer an opinion on Scotland’s position after a yes vote unless Westminster asks for one. Also, Ireland had monetary union with the UK for nearly 60 years, before breaking the tie and then joining the euro. Some of Ireland’s monetary policies were more successful than others. But as an independent nation, it was able to choose.

John Caskie, Glasgow



Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King declares UK recovery in sight. Question is: how strong are his glasses?

A cautiously optimistic final statement from Sir Mervyn King, and the first inflation report since 2007 to paint a brighter future.

Asked whether France is the new sick man of Europe, Francois Holland replies: “Are our German neighbours in better shape?”

Nick Clegg says EU referendum is a question of “when, not if” because of changes in the Eurozone. A sense of inevitability.