Letters to the Editor for 15 April 2013

Readers of City A.M.

Thatcher myths

[Re: Five myths about Margaret Thatcher that must be refuted, Thursday]

Margaret Thatcher knew her policies, though initially unpopular, would come good once people saw the effect. This was the beauty of her leadership – in fact the definition of it. She had no problem with unpopuarlity, and knew exactly what she was doing. And don’t forget that, before she died, she reportedly said that David Cameron wasn’t unpopular enough at this point in the electoral cycle.

Richard Green

The “myth” of Thatcher’s unpopularity doesn’t matter. Like she always did, we should judge her arguments and beliefs by whether they were true or not.

Clarissa Moore


Working class hero

[Re: Margaret Thatcher: Revolutionary heroine of Britain’s working class, Friday]

An excellent article. The left’s dirty little secret is that it wants to keep the people in chains, beholden to a state that will always “look after them”. Margaret Thatcher literally set the people free.

Sally Roberts

Let’s set the record even straighter on Thatcher’s manufacturing record. During her time in office, manufacturing output actually went up. The myth of “decline” just reflects the share of GDP that manufacturing represented to the British economy. A relative decline was inevitable given the accompanying boom in finance and services.

Laurence Blake



Thatcher believed that, if your ideas were true, they could triumph regardless of your race, gender or class.

After early 1980s hangover from 70s, 1982-2007 saw 25 years of average 3 per cent growth. Impressive by any standards.

Should we name one of London’s airports after Margaret Thatcher? Or just build a new one?

The deficit Thatcher inherited from Labour: 4.1 per cent. The deficit David Cameron inherited from Labour: 11 per cent.