Letters to the editor - 12/07 - Royal Mail, Best of Twitter

Royal Mail

[Re: Conservative think tank urges delay to Royal Mail privatisation to garner public support, yesterday]

It is the EU’s requirement that the postal market be “liberalised” that has led our government to Royal Mail privatisation. Ahead of an anticipated referendum, the public needs to be made aware of the changes that membership requires us to make. The process began in 1992, with a green paper to create a single market for postal services in the EU. The paper was agreed by member states in 1997 and officially adopted via the third postal directive. Independent Norway chose not to participate in the process, giving the lie to those claims that Norway – and Switzerland – are required to implement EU proposals without having been involved in their creation. And PwC’s 2009 study on Universal Service of the Full Market Accomplishment of the Postal Internal Market showed that liberalisation really meant privatisation. So any governing party would be required to ultimately privatise Royal Mail. This may be the best outcome, given the damage inflicted already by the EU, that has seen Royal Mail lose its monopoly on postal deliveries. But the EU has again removed a small national symbol on its path to breaking down national identities.

Gerry Lightfoot, West One



Reduce number of politicians. Keep the best, pay them more, and increase effectiveness but not cost.

MPs created IPSA. They now appreciate what the rest of UK feels when out-of-touch officialdom runs things.

If the EU becomes a political extension of the euro, then Britain will have to leave.

Yesterday, the Bank of Japan patted itself on the back. Its “R” word is recovery, not recession.