Letters to the editor - 10/07 - Private sector MPs, Heathrow noise, Best of Twitter


ate sector MPs

[Re: How the Treasury could really raise standards in the banking industry, yesterday]

The misguided nature of the reform proposals highlights a worrying lack of appreciation among UK politicians of the way businesses work. In contrast to the UK, American politicians tend to go into politics after years in the private sector. They choose to become politicians after successful lives in the real world, and are able to translate the knowledge learned in business into politics. In the UK we have a political class which, although academically bright, is bereft of an understanding of how the real world works.

Ike Nwobodo


Heathrow noise

[Re: Expanding Heathrow is the only real option – and this is how we can do it, Monday]

Could I invite Mark Bostock to spend a couple of days and nights at my house? After the first-hand experience of living under the Heathrow flight path, he might begin to appreciate exactly what we residents mean when we complain about the noise levels from air traffic. Talk of “innovative noise reduction techniques” is laughable. What “innovation” can change the fact that the planes going over my house are ear-splitting? I might as well invite Corin Taylor along too. His pious hope for quieter planes is equally unlikely.

Elizabeth Balsom



Outflanked by Ed Miliband on primary candidate selection. Where have you gone Steve Hilton?

Forward guidance no substitute for policy. Don’t expect lasting impact from Carney/Draghi.

Perils of perception – we think 31 per cent of population are immigrants- actually 13-15 per cent.

IMF cuts world growth forecast from 3.3 per cent to 3.1 per cent.