Letters to the Editor

Britain in Europe

[Re: Why the European dream has gone sour for so many firms, yesterday]

Many of the benefits of trading with the EU have been wiped away by technological and economic trends. International markets have changed beyond recognition over the last ten years, and the EU hasn’t moved accordingly. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that our key specialisms – providing top spec, inventive goods and services – would be better served if Britain enjoyed a nimble independence, and we weren’t required to consider the interests of 20 or so other nations when making trade deals. Would the Far East stop buying Land Rovers or Jaguars if we left the EU?

Valentine Smith

I agree with this article and its description of the problems facing the EU. But it’s worth us constantly reminding ourselves of the vital importance and the benefits that arise from European free movement. The freedom to own property and to work anywhere in the Union is a massive economic advantage for Britain (and a far better arrangement than that enjoyed within other trading blocs).

Michael Myall

This article uncharacteristically ducks the main point. It’s likely that the EU won’t offer Britain radical repatriation of powers, even if we had a decent negotiating position. What then?

John Page



This government’s radical pensions reform is good news for women, carers, and the self-employed.

David Cameron moved his EU speech forward to this Friday. Wonder where the pressure came from: the Americans or his backbench?

Cameron seems to have lost control of the spin on his EU speech, as Brown lost control around the “2007 general election”.

Decriminalisation could go a long way to remove the crime associated with the drugs trade, along with bringing in billions in tax.