Letters to the editor - 09/07 - Heathrow hub, Best of Twitter

Heathrow hub

[Re: Expanding Heathrow is the only real option – and this is how we can do it, yesterday]

When you’re in a hole, it really is best to stop digging. London desperately needs a globally competitive airport but, in spite of Mark Bostock’s optimism, Heathrow cannot be the answer. The Centre for Policy Studies proposal tries to stuff a quart into a pint pot, suggesting that the M25 be “diverted or possibly bridged where crossed by runway and taxiway extensions.” A new 24-hour, four runway airport to the east of London, with high-speed links into central London and the capacity to expand further, would solve London’s airport problems. A larger, louder, busier Heathrow would not.

Richard Tracey, transport spokesman, GLA Conservatives and London Assembly Member for Wandsworth and Merton

Rostock is right. Boris Johnson’s proposals to build a new hub in the Thames would, effectively, see Heathrow closed – potentially the most devastating blow caused by Nimbyism in Britain so far. Heathrow is the closest airport to the centre of London, has all the existing transport links, and expansion will be paid for by private firms. Only selfish vested interests is stopping us.

Roger Crayley



Not only is the UK’s ten year bond at 2.48 per cent – above that of France – but the gap has widened.

Listening to David Cameron laud national curriculum changes. Then why do so few schools now follow it?

Engaging and tough – the new national curriculum will help children who want to get on in life as the UK competes in the Global Race.

The clock is rapidly turning back in Egypt.