Letters to the editor - 05/07 - EU membership, shale debate, Best of Twitter

EU membership

[Re: Portugal in crisis: All member states would be better off outside the euro, yesterday]

Leigh Skene states that Club Med countries “traditionally borrow until they can no longer do so on acceptable terms, then devalue their currencies and/or default on their debts”. Does he think the UK is a southern European country? This description fits Britain perfectly well.

Heinz Geyer, Temple Associates

All states should revert to their original currencies – the vision of a single currency was wrong. But perhaps we could only know this for sure by trying.

Roderick Archer, Surrey


Shale debate

[Re: Shale gas has given Britain a lifeline if we can take on the vested interests, Wednesday]

The only vested interest Friends of the Earth has in opposing fracking is protecting the environment. Shale gas is not the solution to Britain’s energy troubles. Its potential has been wildly over-hyped, with Bloomberg New Energy Finance describing hopes that shale will lead to lower UK energy prices as “wishful thinking”. Instead of gambling on shale, we should be creating new jobs and business opportunities by cutting energy waste and developing the UK’s huge renewable power potential.

Tony Bosworth, campaigner, Friends of the Earth



One thing hasn’t changed under Carney: the Bank still loves to talk down the pound. A failed policy continues.

Mass protests in Egypt were driven by economics. The military has to turn this around and quickly.

Labour in meltdown: Tom Watson resigns and Ian Austin defies Ed Miliband by calling for a referendum.

Relief. Portuguese government looks likely to survive as coalition partner CDS-PP won’t withdraw support.