Letters to the editor - 02/07 - New governor, Best of Twitter

New governor

[Re: The Bank is ripe for revolution – Mark Carney’s task is huge, yesterday]

The author is right that the hype surrounding Mark Carney’s appointment is out of control. But if sufficiently courageous, Carney could help entrench the budding recovery. The recent rise in interest rate expectations and gilt yields highlights the scope for more quantitative easing. The positive effects of Japan’s recent unconventional measures demonstrate central banks are not out of ammo. So while monetary policy cannot solve all of the economy’s ills, there is still much more that it could do.

Samuel Tombs, UK economist, Capital Economics

[Re: Pie charts and prejudice: Jane Austen the economist should grace our banknotes, Thursday]

With Ed Miliband publicly criticising the Bank for removing women from banknotes, and Sir Mervyn King saying an all-male line up is “ unlikely”, this matter may serve as an early distraction for our new governor. But I don’t see why Jane Austen – described by King as “waiting in the wings” ­– has taken centre stage. Thatcher is surely the obvious choice. She was the grocer’s daughter who transformed our economy, led the West to victory in the Cold War, and never hesitated to use her feminine charms to get her way. A true inspiration.

Rebecca Small



Positive consumer confidence figures greet Mark Carney on his first day. Perhaps he will be a lucky governor!

Free trade deal with US thrown into doubt by euro spat. If only UK was free to negotiate a deal ourselves.

In May, there were a record 19.22m people unemployed in the Eurozone, up 67,000 on previous month.

President Higgins took 23.5 per cent pay cut in view of Ireland’s financial difficulties. MPs should be ashamed.