Letters to the Editor - 01/07 - National interest, shale exploration, Best of Twitter

National interest

[Re: A corporatist economic growth plan that won’t rescue UK Plc, Friday]
The editor is right to highlight the issues with Michael Heseltine’s report recommendations. There is a split in Conservative thinking at the moment. On the one hand, there is a laudable emphasis on freeing markets and boosting trade – a pro-growth strategy that will aid recovery. Unfortunately, there is also a semi-mercantilist vein of thought, focused around “British business interests” – as if they do not coincide with those of foreign companies. The party needs to realise that foreign firms and labour are good for the UK.

Steward Harson


Shale exploration

[Re: Fresh hopes for UK shale boom, Friday]
The shale gas find is promising, but a few obstacles lie ahead if we are to realise its benefits. Potentially, shale could create thousands of jobs and help to reduce our trade deficit. The anti-fossil fuel lobby, however, is in the process of constructing roadblocks to the drilling process. Climate change is a consideration we should all have in mind, but we need to actually drill and explore in order to find out the exact benefits, and whether there are environmental costs. We cannot sit back and simply forego what could be a game-changing opportunity for Britain.

Derek Morgan



Extending high-speed broadband across the UK would cost a fraction of HS2 and do far more to boost growth.

To those who want forced retirement: sacking older people is not a solution to youth unemployment.

He has protean strengths and is a proven winner. But it is too early to say Boris should be the next Tory leader.

Those who think you can cut welfare just by legislating for high minimum wages don’t understand trade-offs.