Letter condemns RBS for irresponsible investments

IAIN BANKS, the Scottish author, along with MPs and church leaders, has written to the chancellor to complain about the government&rsquo;s handling of Royal Bank of Scotland.<br /><br />More than 30 people have signed a letter to Alistair Darling, complaining about how RBS is being allowed to invest.<br /><br />They say the government has written &ldquo;a blank cheque&rdquo; with taxpayer&rsquo;s money, and criticise the bank&rsquo;s role in financing hostile overseas takeovers and lending to environmentally unfriendly companies.<br /><br />With the taxpayer now the largest shareholder in the bank, the letter&rsquo;s signatories criticise the fact that RBS supported Kraft&rsquo;s bid for Cadbury, even though the move would put UK jobs at risk.<br /><br />It has also been signed by MP Alan Simpson, Reverend Ian Galloway, the convenor of the Church of Scotland, Body Shop co-founder Gordon Roddick, and Billy Hayes form the Communication Workers Union.