Leeson lawyers Kingsley Napley to represent UBS trader

City law firm Kingsley Napley is representing Kweku Adoboli, the UBS rogue trader.

Adoboli allegedly cost UBS $2bn after allegedly carrying out unauthorized trades.

Kingsley Napley represented Nick Leeson following his arrest over the secret trades that led to the collapse of Barings Bank.

The firm specialises in white collar crime, including serious fraud.

Ian Maxwell was also represented by the firm, acquitted of conspiracy to defraud Mirror Group pensioners in 1996 after the death of his father Robert.

Kingsley Napley has a history of high-profile clients, having worked for General Pinochet and Jeremy Thorpe, as well as the McCanns, John Terry and Jade Goody.

Adoboli is still in police custody, after the police were granted an extra 12 hours to interview him this morning.