Leaky roofs and rats – welcome to the City slums

THE Capitalist would like to thank all those who named and shamed in response to yesterday’s request for contenders in City A.M.’s search for the City Slum of the year. It seems there are rats up drainpipes all over the Square Mile, not to mention leaking roofs.

One company complained of a mysterious leak at EC2’s Moor House, where although papers on one particular person’s desk would always be soaked when she arrived in the mornings, no one has ever been able to identify the source.

Misbehaving air conditioning units are another common gripe among the City crowd – except over on Fashion Street where one business intelligence firm has instigated a free ice-cream policy when the temperature tips 30 degrees celsius.

The story which tickled The Capitalist the most, however – the “best” worst office tale – was one large city brokership that was duly directing clients to a meeting room. Unfortunately part of their office had been sub-let by the owners of the building to other less corporate clients.

Accidentally opening the wrong door, clients and brokers were greeted by a room strewn with rather raunchy underwear. It transpires it was the new set for an adult movie.