Leading firms to pledge jobs

TOP British business leaders will today pledge to create thousands of jobs in the UK.

The heads of leading British firms will meet today with Prime Minister David Cameron at Downing Street to discuss job creation in the private sector.

Representatives from supermarket giants Asda, J Sainsbury, Tesco and Wm Morrison will join Marks and Spencer, McDonalds, Balfour Beatty and other leading firms to pledge to create thousands of new jobs.

Changes to employment tribunal legislation will also be announced following today’s jobs summit.

The law currently allows employees who have worked for one year to launch a tribunal. This could be raised to two years under new plans, while workers could have to pay a fee to bring a case to tribunal.

Meanwhile, the government is also said to be considering reducing the amount of time that firms must pay statutory sick pay, as part of a new “employers’ charter” designed to repair relations with the private sector.

As many as 300,000 private sector jobs have been created over the last six months according to Number 10, and are seen as proof that jobs are being created as the coalition lays off public sector workers.

“Across a whole range of areas you’re going to see the most pro-business, pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda ever unleashed by a government,” Cameron said.

“It’s time we looked forward to a positive, strong, confident Britain. By developing the right skills and jobs I am determined that the many not the few will share in the country’s prosperity.”