Law firm enlists furry friends to fundraise for The Prince’s Trust

LAW firm DAC Beachcroft has organised an unconventional event to raise money for The Prince’s Trust – a lunchtime Ferret Race.

Alex Oldershaw, the lucky solicitor in charge of the furry animals, told The Capitalist he was relieved that there were no escapees and pleased that the race raised over £4,500.

The winning ferret, Rumpole, was considered an unlikely winner according to the “embellished” form guide handed to race go-ers.

However Oldershaw said afterwards: “Despite achieving notable results throughout his racing career, it was his last race before retirement.”

Apparently those backing him – and taking home the case of celebratory champagne – were elated that he scurried his way to success one last time.

■ NOT deterred by Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ recent frostbitten retreat from The Coldest Journey expedition, a group of explorers from the Square Mile is about to embark on their own Arctic adventure. The City Endeavour team (below) have just returned from Finse in Norway, not on your average ski jolly, but a training exercise where temperatures were well into the minus thirties. “I lost over a stone in four days” said Matthew Deeprose, a Dominion Funds sales director – despite gorging exclusively on fatty carbs. The team are in the final stages of preparation for their March departure to the North Pole, a trip which aims to raise £1m for Walking with the Wounded and Mission Motorsport, and have already secured sponsorship from the likes of JP Morgan, Dominion and BNY Mellon. Team leader Simon Kiley, a financial consultant at RJL, had these wise words to share with The Capitalist: “Irrespective of what the label says, nothing is waterproof.”