The latest gadgets that will help turn your home into a 3D palace

3D technology is having a moment. No longer just the add-on special effect confined to the realm of cinemas and the odd Derren Brown show on television, it is now the hero embracing its mainstream appeal.

With companies such as Sony, LG and Samsung leading the charge with gadgets that let you recreate the 3D experience for yourself, you can now do anything from shooting in 3D right up to projecting your very own 3D video on the living room wall in HD. Arm yourself with some designer specs (we recommend Oakley’s 3D Gascans, £95,, and get creative with our top picks of the best 3D technology out there.

The strange combination of binoculars and video camera makes so much sense when you realise that this device records in 3D. Sony’s DEV-5 ultra-premium digital recorder not only works like binoculars (think 20x magnification), it can record in wide-screen for those with cinematic aspirations (all full HD (1920 x 1080p) videos with stereo sound) and can shoot still images. The auto focusing capability makes the recorder easy to use and the superb picture quality cannot be faulted. Available from the beginning of November 2011.


If only every boardroom had one of these projectors, meetings would take on a whole other dimension. Invest in your full HD 1,080p 3D ticket to the 2012 Olympic Games, Wimbledon, or a screening of Harry Potter from the comfort of your sofa. Sharp has developed a clever colour management system that adjusts the picture to the darkness or light in your living room – perfect for when you want to shut those blinds for the whole cinematic experience. It can link to anything from your television to your Blu-ray player. And don’t worry if you want a break from 3D, as it can beam just as well in normal 2D.


The Samsung UE60D8000 is an LCD television of many talents. Not only does its streamlined beauty make it the centrepiece of any room, it can deliver impeccable 3D. Samsung’s Smart hub means this television is one of the most connected – as it comes with access to Facebook, Skype, LoveFilm and Twitter apps, and is Wi-Fi enabled, with Freeview HD and Freesat HD tuners. Oh, and did we mention that it delivers impeccable 3D? A perfect partner for a quality, and possibly action-packed night in.


Do we really need phones with 3D? Perhaps not, but when you experience the 3D Zone – without glasses – complete with games that pop out at you, the ability to take 3D pictures, watch HD video in 3D and upload videos onto Youtube’s 3D channel, you’ll realise that LG has developed the smartest of smartphones. Anyone from the entry-level enthusiast to the die-hard 3D-lover will be entertained.