Landlords ordered to do green works

LANDLORDS will be forced to make their properties more energy efficient, after the government announced plans for a new “Green Deal” yesterday.

Tenants will be given the right to request everything from insulation and double glazing to new boilers when the Energy Bill is passed before the end of the year.

However, the National Association of Landlords welcomed the plans, which were unveiled by energy secretary Chris Huhne, because there will be no crippling upfront costs for property owners.

The government will provide landlords with loans to fund the improvements, which will be repaid by tenants via a levy on their energy bill.

It is hoped that the levy will be offset by lower gas and electricity bills, which should fall as a result of the energy efficiency measures.

Huhne said: “Landlords will face no upfront cost, and will benefit from an improved property. By 2015 every tenant should be able to be as warm as toast in their home.”