Lady-friendly gadgets? A bit patronising, but on the rise


MANUFACTURERS are feminizing their hardware more these days. There are endless variations being launched which are aimed at women.

Kodak’s Easyshare Mini is a credit card sized camera with three-step sharing feature for uploading your photos on to Facebook or Google+. You can tag them using the Face Recognition feature.

On the video camera front, the Kodak Playfull PVC is, ahem, “just the ticket for ladies” (so Kodak says) who want to capture high quality footage with a convenient, clutch-friendly HD cam.

Native Union offers The POP handset, which is “a bright and funky” accessory that’s as comforting as a traditional phone with all the functions of modern devices. It’s available in pink, yellow, purple, blue and green soft touch finish. (Sorry, I’m not patronising you am I, dear?)

Concentrate, here’s the science bit. The POP phone cuts your exposure to potentially harmful radiation exposure by up to 96 per cent. Using a 3.5mm jack, users can connect the POP phone to a mobile phone, iPad or PC for Skype calls. So you can enjoy the full use of the device while making calls or checking your diary.

Nick Booth edits