Labour vows to curb low-skilled immigration

ED MILIBAND will tonight apologise for Labour’s track record on immigration and pledge to curb the number of low-skilled immigrants coming to Britain.

The move will please those within Labour who have been calling for a tougher stance on migrants to win back working class voters and Ukip supporters. However, EU rules will make it difficult to cut immigration from the other 26 member states.

The opposition leader will also say his party were wrong to dismiss concerns about immigration while in government.

“I believe that diversity is good for Britain. But it’s got to be made to work for all and not just for some. And that means everybody taking responsibility, everybody playing their part and contributing to the country,” Miliband will say in a party political broadcast.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper will tomorrow reveal more about Labour’s plans to cut the number of new arrivals, which is understood to include a greater emphasis on the ability to speak English.

Tory MP Graham Evans last night attacked Miliband’s intervention: “Conservatives are clearing up the immigration mess left by Labour, with net migration under this government cut by almost a third. [Labour] have opposed every step we have taken to reduce immigration.”