Labour’s Lord Winston suggests voters should avoid Livingstone

PROMINENT Labour peer Lord Winston yesterday warned voters to beware “tricky” Ken Livingstone due to his “extremely unhealthy” views, the second time a leading party member has criticised its mayor candidate in the last week.

The professor, a TV personality and prominent campaigner, will have dealt a blow to Livingstone’s campaign with his comments.

“I don’t really understand how we have arrived in the Labour Party at choosing Ken Livingstone, who I think has been shown to be quite a tricky sort of customer,” he said on BBC2’s Daily Politics.

“I am not sure that the party interest is the key issue here. I think the person who represents London, their personality is very important...I think he has espoused some disastrous causes.”

Last week Labour peer Lord Sugar bucked party rules to tweet to his 1.8m followers: “Livingstone must NOT get in on 3rd May.”

Baroness Warsi, co-chair of the Conservative party said: “Lord Winston is the second peer to speak out against Labour’s candidate for mayor. It comes to something when Ken can’t find support within his own party.”