Labour Party split over AV

A FIGHT broke out between Labour grandees last night, as opponents of changes to Britain’s electoral system fought back against supporters.

Former home secretary David Blunkett lashed out at Lord Mandelson, telling him he was “wrong” to label the “No to AV” campaign a Conservative cause.

The former business secretary had waded into the fray yesterday, calling on Labour voters to support a change to AV in order to “hurt” David Cameron.

Yet a new dossier published by “Labour No to AV” today reveals electoral reform could seriously damage the party’s chances at the polls.

It shows AV would have cost Labour 20 seats last May and given the Liberal Democrats 32 more.
Blunkett’s call is the latest broadside in the fight between Labour’s heavyweight figures, which could damage party leader Ed Miliband.

Miliband is in favour of electoral reform, a move that sits with his vision of a progressive Labour Party.

Yet his message took a further hit last week when another grandee, Blair-era cabinet minister Lord Reid, shared a platform with David Cameron to speak out against any change to AV.