&bull; Prime Minister Gordon Brown&rsquo;s wife, Sarah, introduced him as &ldquo;my husband, my hero&rdquo; in a personal speech designed to show his human side.<br /><br />&bull; Brown urged Labour Party members to &ldquo;never stop believing&rdquo; that they can win the next election.<br /><br />&bull; The PM confirmed that there will be a new law to curb bonuses in the financial sector, and promised to cut the budget deficit in half over the next four years.<br /><br />&bull; He promised a referendum on electoral reform.<br /><br />&bull; Labour will create a new care service for the elderly and for teenage single mothers, and take away tax relief for middle-class parents to pay for poor parents of toddlers.<br /><br />&bull; Home secretary Alan Johnson announced new police powers to forbid violent men from entering their neighbourhoods for two weeks while abused partners seek support.<br /><br />&bull; Johnson admitted that the government has &ldquo;coasted&rdquo; on the issue of anti-social behaviour and that our streets are &ldquo;not as safe as they need to be&rdquo;.