Knight Frank sees upturn in property

THE property downturn has now reached the bottom, according to Knight Frank derivatives head Richard White.<br /><br />Property derivatives are investments that allow investors to speculate on rising or falling values without having to purchase the asset.<br /><br />The UK commercial property market has fallen by 44 per cent since its peak in Summer 2007 to July 2009, according to the latest figures from Investment Property Databank (IPD).<br /><br />The derivatives market is forecast a total fall for 2009 of 12.9 per cent. However the market has already fallen 13.3 per cent to July 2009 and therefore this signifies expected growth over the rest of the year.<br /><br />&nbsp;Richard White partner and head of derivatives at Knight Frank said: &ldquo;The derivatives market has been remarkably accurate at tracking future returns therefore this is very good news for the property market in general.&rdquo;<br /><br />There has been a surge of interest in from investors who want to take advantage of depressed prices.