Kippers and oats: breakfast the Boris way


ON Mayor Boris Johnson was at City Hall yesterday morning, wolfing down porridge with children from Haseltine Primary School, to mark the launch of the Mayor’s Fund supporting the Magic Breakfast healthy eating initiative.

The Mayor, who is patron of the charity, told The Capitalist: “It is a real shame that so many kids in London don’t get the food they need for breakfast. There are all sorts of reasons – not just economic – it is out of habit and culture too.”

He revealed: “I’ve just had a delicious breakfast of organic, humanely slaughtered porridge. It was first rate.”

Despite the Mayor’s enthusing over healthy oats, The Capitalist couldn’t help but catch a whiff bacon wafting from the City Hall kitchen. So what is BoJo’s morning meal of choice? “I used to like kippers in the days when British Rail did them. They were the best thing about British Rail, in a not very hotly contested field.”

Before leaving he signed one of the 21 hats that were part of the Hatwalk display in Trafalgar Square last year, which will be auctioned off for the charity. On the wider subject of tax relief for charitable donations, our Mayor mused: “I have always thought there was a case for the simplification of the rules so that it became more like the American system. But we never seem to win that argument with the Treasury.”

One hungry Haseltine pupil told The Capitalist how the programme has helped him: “I normally have a bagel with jam, which gives me energy. I don’t really get breakfast at home. Breakfast club is fun because I get to play games with my friends.”