King toothache can’t stop fiesta del Sainsbury’s

TO THE National Theatre on Wednesday evening, for the Spanish-themed party thrown by supermarket giant Sainsbury’s. There was a lot to live up to at the annual bash thrown by boss Justin King, given that rival Waitrose’s summer soiree less than a month before caused quite a stir. The glitzy Natural History Museum gathering featured the baffling spectacle of Reading FC chairman Sir John Madejski being tackled off the stage, where singer Paloma Faith was performing, by burly security guards.

It was certainly a more informal atmosphere at the National Theatre, where señor Sainsbury’s himself Justin King was explaining the new traffic light system to help customers choose the healthiest own-brand food products. As for the calorie content of the paella and frittata being wolfed down at the party?: “I have absolutely no idea!” said the chief exec.

Of course all the tasty tapas was Sainsbury’s own brand produce – “apart from all the beers” – according to one waiter. King was certainly enjoying the spread, even bravely attempting an ice-cream despite telling The Capitalist he’d had a root canal just four hours before the party. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.