Ken pledges to make capital a Smart City

LABOUR candidate Ken Livingstone will today pledge to introduce a series of technological improvements that he claims will save London money and increase efficiency.

His manifesto will include a commitment to creating a ‘Smart City’ where City Hall uses data to monitor the usage of services and improve quality of life. Specific proposals will include cutting congestion by placing sensors in parking spaces to enable drivers to see where a space is available, improving cycle safety by linking traffic light sensors with microchips on bicycles and cutting bills by offering Londoners smart energy and water meters.

“At a time when Londoners are struggling with the cost of living, we need to embrace technological advances that enable businesses and services to be run more efficiently, reducing prices,” he will say.

Livingstone, who is trailing in the polls, will also pledge to support efforts to make local government data easily available to third–party developers.

Today also sees the launch of the manifesto for Brian Paddick, the Liberal Democrat candidate for mayor. A former policeman, he is a distant third in the polls and his manifesto is expected to focus on his experience fighting crime.