Keep the relationship rolls at bay

Laura Williams

SO last week, I was mildly amused to read that there is now scientific evidence, care of Ohio State University, that marriage and divorce can both trigger weight gain in men and women. Relationships, it seems, can have a negative effect on the scales. So here are my top tips for how to keep relationship rolls at bay:

1) If you’re part of a contented couple, try not to make mindless munching a hobby. Meals out (preferably with a stroll along the Southbank to burn it off) are one thing; vats of Haagen-Dazs in front of Celeb BB are another.

2) If you’re a guy who’s nursing a broken heart (or trying to look like he’s not), try and do something high-octane that’ll go some way to offsetting all that beer you’re drowning your sorrows in. Squash, Mixed Martial Arts and even paintballing burn lots of calories, toughen your ticker and get loads of aggression out.

3) Ladies, not only is your other half probably taller, he typically has 10% more muscle mass too (which burns up to nine times more calories than fat tissue) so don’t go matching him roast spud-for-roast-spud whatever you do - keep your portion sizes much smaller.

4) Whether you’re out busily trying to meet Mrs Right or at home busily getting to know Mr Right, you need to make sure you’re not too busy to exercise. Making time to exercise will do everything from keeping you independent to having a huge (beneficial) knock-on effect to your sex life.

5) Go on fitness dates! Discover what makes your current/future beau/belle’s ticker tick. It might be a sexy Zumba dance class (all the rage still) or boiling hot Bikram or even falling in love over the finish line at a charity race. They all make a nice change from gazing adoringly at each other over a wilted carnation and the lunch specials.

6) Stress, from your relationship or otherwise, takes its toll. Swimming is often referred to as “meditation in motion” because it ticks multiple boxes on the wellbeing front. As if boosting cardiovascular fitness and minimising waistline damage weren’t enough, research has found that lower water temperatures also stimulate blood circulation and metabolism.