Keep football safe from the stats bores

FOOTBALL magazine FourFourTwo has launched Stats Zone, which will “change the way you watch football”. For the worst, if you ask me. I can’t stand the kind of “name tag and goody bag” corporate football fan who spends all game staring at his iPhone working out pass rates and possession percentages. If you think football is about stats and “bragging rights” (ie marketing) this is for you.

I have similar doubts about Sharethematch. None of the developers, I suspect, has ever had any stitches in his face or played through a groin injury. Still, many fans certainly will enjoy sharing photos and videos during a game and downloading information.

If we can’t keep the armchair stats-bores out of football, we might as well exploit them. How about creating a mobile app version of FIFA 2011, only with fag-puffing, overweight, know-it-all Sunday league footballers, who trap a ball further than they can kick it?

Mobile games developer Neon Play will develop your game if you can convince them there’s money in it. Oli Christie, CEO, offers this advice. “It has to be unique and very simple. The mantra for a successful game is ‘Easy to play, but a challenge to master’.”

Search the AppStore to make sure no-one’s already done it. You’ll need a designer and a programmer. T

The UK developers will be too expensive and busy, or beginners going for a bit of on-the-job training. Indian and Ukrainian programmers are good and affordable, but, well, good luck with managing them.

You could try Game Salad, a programme that lets you create your own game, but has its limitations. Focus on Apple first and Android later.

Don’t quit your day job though – nobody’s made a profit on an app since Angry Birds, and probably never will. But a good app will get you headhunted by a talent scout, or win you a new client.

Now promote it like bejeebers on Facebook and Twitter, with a promo video for YouTube.

As Matt Smith says on the ITV footie coverage: it’s all about bragging rights.

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