London 2012 organisers thrilled as more than half of the 650 sessions are oversubscribed after first round of sales

LONDON 2012 organisers declared they were “thrilled” after revealing that the first phase of sales generated applications for more than 20 million tickets.

The London organising committee (Locog) said 1.8m people had submitted applications for the 6.6m tickets available to the public.

The opening ceremony, ? where the most expensive ticket was priced at £2,012 and the cheapest cost £20.12, was the most popular event and was more than 10 times oversubscribed.

As expected, sports such as cycling in which Team GB are certain to be in with a chance of gold medals, were amongst the most coveted tickets, but less mainstream events such as rhythmic gymnastics, triathlon and the equestrian cross country were among the first to sell out.

Lord Coe, the chairman of Locog, said: “We are thrilled with the response right across the board, in all sports and all sessions. What is most encouraging is that the majority of applications are for multiple tickets and for several sports, which shows that friends and family are planning to go to the games together.”

Locog are yet to reveal which sports were less popular with the general public but it is thought that events such as football, with multiple sessions, hosted at larger venues, are likely to have space available when it comes to the next round of sales later in the year.

Locog were forced to extend the deadline for an hour yesterday morning after the site slowed to a halt under the weight of traffic following a last-minute surge for tickets but organisers maintained all those who kept trying were eventually able to process their orders.


Q.Will there be another chance to buy tickets?

A.Locog will hold a sale for any unsold event sessions, but that is likely to take place much later this year and the details are yet to be formulated. It should also be noted that tickets for the Paralympics go on sale on 9 September.

Q.What can i do with unwanted tickets?

A.Selling tickets you receive that are surplus to requirements is permitted but only at face value via the Locog website – although the exchange system is not yet up and running. Selling tickets on to family members won’t be prohibited as long as there is no intention to make a profit.

Q.When will money leave my account?

A.The latest date at which you will be notified as to which events you have been successful in getting tickets for is 24 June, although your account may be debited as early as May 10. Organisers claim they are trying to keep the payment and notifications dates close as possible.

Q.Will I get tickets to a of the main event?

A.The ballot system means if you’ve bought a ticket you’re in with a chance, albeit a slender one, of winning the raffle.