Just half of all Germans back Portugal rescue

A NARROW majority of Germans is in favour of the EU’s multi-billion-euro bailout package for crisis-hit Portugal, a poll suggested yesterday, with 90 per cent believing it would not be the last.

A poll for a German newspaper showed 50 per cent agreed with the EU’s decision to bail out debt-wracked Portugal to the tune of around €80bn (£70.7bn).

According to the survey, 45 per cent believed it was the wrong decision.

However, nine out of 10 of those polled thought that Portugal would not be the last Eurozone country to fall, as speculation mounts that Spain could be the next country to need a bailout from Brussels.

Portugal last week became the third Eurozone country to ask European authorities for a bailout after Ireland and Greece.

The latter bailout in particular was extremely unpopular in Germany, the bloc’s top economy.