PRIME Minister Gordon Brown&rsquo;s plans for a cabinet reshuffle have been thrown into disarray with the resignation of five Labour MPs, including three ministers.<br /><br />Home secretary Jacqui Smith, Beverley Hughes, the families minister and cabinet office minister Tom Watson all quit ahead of Brown&rsquo;s shake-up, which is expected to follow likely heavy defeats for Labour at the European and local elections tomorrow. On a turbulent day in politics, Labour MPs David Chaytor and Patricia Hewitt also announced they would be standing down at the next election.<br /><br />In the wake of the MPs expenses scandal, chancellor Alistair Darling is widely tipped to be replaced by children&rsquo;s minister Ed Balls. Meanwhile business minister Peter Mandelson could also be promoted, succeeding foreign secretary David Miliband.<br /><br />Transport secretary Geoff Hoon&rsquo;s future is also still in doubt, although he has repaid &pound;384 after claiming expenses on two second homes.<br /><br />Brown, who must call a general election within a year, faces huge pressure to regain public trust and reassert his leadership. Labour is also trailing badly in the Westminster opinion polls.<br /><br />Shadow foreign secretary William Hague yesterday said: &ldquo;This used to be the government of the living dead. Now it&rsquo;s just a row of corpses.&rdquo;<br /><br />But Harriet Harman, leader of the Commons, said: &ldquo;It&rsquo;s not the wheels falling off government.&rdquo;<br /><br />Smith was first hit by revelations she had mistakenly claimed for two pornographic films watched by her husband. She was also criticised for claiming her main residence was a house she shares with her sister.<br /><br />Watson, a close ally of Brown&rsquo;s, said he was concerned about the effect of politics on his family life. He is quitting his ministerial position but remains an MP. Chaytor bowed out after claiming &pound;13,000 for a mortgage that did not exist, but Hewitt and Hughes said their decisions had nothing to with the expenses row, citing &ldquo;family reasons&rdquo;.