Joining the technological revolution

NEW IT inventions are always described as “revolutionary”. Why? Because they’re often bloody. Infuriating, that is.

Back in 1789, radicals would post their manifestos in public places. Today’s equivalent platform for enlightening the masses would be an interactive billboard wherever the workers gather.

All you would need is a tablet, be it an iPad, Android or Xoom. Display it somewhere prominently (by the doors on a crowded train) by using the new Ringo iPad on the Wall gizmos from Dutch radical Vogel. (Sounds like a drinking partner of Marx and Engels).

These Vogel things allow you to mount any tablet on any surface, as the names (Car mount, Table Stand, Wall Mount) suggest.

Having mounted your tablet (or interactive pamphlet) right by the doors on a packed Jubilee line, you then need to retire to a safe distance, from which to post up your radical, anti-establishment messages.

For this you will need a Logitech Tablet Keyboard, which allows you to Bluetooth your messages to the tablet from the safety of your seat. It costs £49.99, under the wretched capitalist system that exploits us all, but it works pretty well. It’s easy to set up, and works from a distance of 30 feet, so if the Gendarmes catch you, they can’t prove rien.

If you need to make a hasty getaway, clout them with your Logitech Keyboard Case (£89.99), an aluminium cover with military-grade, high-density padding. This will buy you the two seconds needed to pop your iPad out of the dock and make your escape.

If, on the other hand, your anti-bourgeois messages are going over well with your audience of peasants, you may well want to manage any pre-recorded content you have prepared. The NServe app, from Naim Audio, will give you access to the means of production that you’ve always been denied.

The more ambitious radicals could stream their own propaganda films to their display tablet, using Elgato’s Netstream.
Nick Booth edits