ITVset to seek new recruiters after job fiasco

ITV is likely to appoint new headhunters as soon as it has managed to find a suitable chairman.<br /><br />ITV currently employs Russell Reynolds as headhunter, but after the shambolic nature of its recruitment process it is believed the group is looking at other parties, including Carol Leonard at Inzito Partners.<br /><br />A source close to the situation yesterday said the group wouldn&rsquo;t be looking for other headhunters until the group had filled its chairman post &ndash; but it would then be up to the new chairman to begin the search for a chief executive.<br /><br />ITV, facing the worst advertising downturn for decades, has been searching for a new chief executive since May when Michael Grade, then executive chairman, announced he would step back from the day-to-day running of the company.<br /><br />Its search for a chairman began in September when Grade agreed to leave the company altogether after it failed to secure former BSkyB boss Tony Ball as chief executive.