It’s a weight off your mind

Age: 33
Best time: 31min 25secs
Distance: 4 miles
Average pace: 7.4min/mile

FOR Omar Elhag, running the Garmin #4miler started off as a bit of fun – but has now triggered a mass health drive and change in lifestyle.

“It’s really paying off,” explains Omar, who works in asset management. “I’ve shaved nearly six minutes off my best time in three weeks of running the challenge and lost about five kilos in weight.

“The challenge has motivated me to manage my diet a lot better by cutting out snacking during the workday, and watch what I eat at night.”

But Omar reveals that a new healthier lifestyle is not the only reason why the Garmin #4miler is working so well.

“I’m quite a competitive person,” he admitted. “I know I’m not the quickest in the Investec team but when I see my colleagues improving their times so dramatically, it motivates me to do the same to stay ahead of them.

“The Garmin watch is also a big help to me. It tells you how fast you are running so it pushes me to new limits. It’s like running with a friend really.”

Omar also believes a nice morning run produces the best results – and sets him up nicely for the day ahead.

“You can’t beat a nice run before work,”?he added. “It focuses you more and speeds up your metabolism.”

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